You have probably heard of GTES but may not realise what benefit our service can bring to you. GTES has two distinct groups that are equally important to our business – jobseekers and businesses. If you look to the right of this page you will see two tabs that will provide quick information on the benefits of using GTES for each of these groups or for further info you can simply read on! 

For Business

  • Free, professional recruitment
  • Less administration
  • More support
  • Government incentives passed on
  • Higher completion rates
  • Greater flexibility
  • WH&S support
  • No payroll, super, tax, Group Certificates
  • Reduced liability
  • Piece of mind
  • Less hassles!

Why should you use GTES?

GTES has been serving businesses for over 27 years and has a proven track record in managing the training of local people. Overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors drawn from the business community, GTES has the local knowledge and commitment that places it in the best position to ensure that the host employer receives the best person for their business and the apprentice/trainee receives the training they require.
GTES is truly not-for-profit. As a result, you are assured that GTES’ rates are maintained to a level that simply covers costs of operation. You are also assured of a prompt, professional service.
GTES has maintained its focus on Group Training and building careers for local people. This focus ensures that the client receives the best deal, the best service and, most importantly, the best people.

What will my business be invoiced for?

GTES is a true not-for-profit company that was established to serve the community. The Board & Management of GTES are committed to the company providing a cost effective service. GTES clients receive a weekly invoice that is based on an hourly charge rate. 
The Hourly Charge Rate covers all costs relating to:
  • Recruitment/Payroll/Management
  • Hourly pay rate
  • Superannuation – 9.5%
  • Workers Compensation Insurance 
  • Annual leave – 4 weeks per year
  • Annual leave loading – 17.5%
  • All Public Holidays
  • Sick leave 
  • All required PPE and medical assessments
  • RTO/TAFE Fees
GTES clients are only charged for the time the apprentice/trainee is on the job or at TAFE. There is no charge for when they are on leave, however they are still paid by GTES.

Is GTES an affordable option?

Yes. If you calculate all the hidden costs of employing an apprentice or trainee (including your time and effort) and the experience and expertise that GTES staff bring to the recruitment and ongoing management process then you’ll find GTES delivers value for money. One regular invoice from GTES is a simple and hassle free solution.
Yes it does cost more to use GTES than employing direct. We are providing a service to you. If you install a new kitchen yourself of course it’s going to be cheaper than getting a tradesman in to do it. People tend to use the tradesman because they want it done right and even if they could do it themselves, it’s not worth their time. It’s no different to using GTES. The weekly payroll, the tax, super, pay slips, Award monitoring,  insurances, liabilities, TAFE fees, Group Certificates, etc. – you want it done right and even if you think you can do all that, can you spare the time?

For Jobseekers

If you are considering getting into an apprenticeship or traineeship then the best way to do it is with GTES! The benefits include;
  • Paid correctly
  • Guaranteed superannuation & workers compensation insurance
  • Support & encouragement
  • Job security
  • Safe working environment
  • Free from harassment & discrimination
  • Protective equipment supplied
  • Access to interest-free loans for work related expenses
  • Recognition via GTES Apprentice and Trainee Awards
  • Regional, State & National Awards